Most LGBTQIA+ Filipinos don’t remember when they came out. To give them a chance to celebrate their coming out, this time with love and acceptance, LoveYourself Inc. together with Cakeshop by Sonja came up with a 2nd First Birthday.

Wrapping up the National Coming Out month, a new film for the “2nd First Birthday”campaign was launched in partnership with the LoveYourself Foundation, Cakeshop by Sonja, and Babaylanes Inc. (Lagablab). The film starts with a girl studying herself in the mirror. Lines come out reflecting a baby’s first milestones as different scenes unfold: First time I opened my eyes, First smile, First time I held my head up, First crawl to First steps. We see her meeting someone she’s attracted to, and later on uttering her First words of her gender revelation to her parents. This is a story of being “reborn” or in Lady Gaga’s words the realization of being “born this way”. The campaign inspires to accept oneself and aims to inspire a world where the LGBTQIA++ community can celebrate their true identities and remember it forever through a 2nd First Birthday.
I created a fan edit after hearing an inpiring song from Wrabel entitled "The Village".



Dentsu Jayme Syfu
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