It takes a village to create great work. 

I'm beyond blessed and honored to have worked with these wonderful people. 

Gold Cannes Lions for Dead Whale campaign(L-R) Me, Biboy Royong, Blane Rosales
With Coke Studio accounts team(L-R) Isabelle Kim, Me, Gab Brückner
With 1/2 of Netflix 'Globe' team(L-R) Mond Angat, Jannah Jordan, Me
After winning Gold prize in the 8th Dentsu Innovators Workshop(L-R) Yukio Nakayama, Merlee Jayme, Me, Yuji Higuchi
Bronze LIA for Gorilla Doctors competition(L-R) Me, Rodge Jumaday
With my 2019 Cannes Hackathon team(L-R) Me, Monica Soliman, Maki Tabili, Karl Nylander, Miho Sugihara
With the Coke 'Women' team(L-R) Merlee Jayme, Talent, Chin Taguines, Chary Chu, Kaye Toledo, Me, Bea Hufana
With the Belo team(L-R) Steph Mangalindan, Mawie Borja, Ronald Barreiro, Lieza Punsalan, Talent & Clients, Nikka Marcelino, Jerry Hizon
With the 8th Dentsu Innovators Workshop Batch
With the 2nd First Birthday team
(L-R) Edg Samson, Sed Tan, Me, Merlee Jayme, Steph Mangalindan, Rodge Jumaday, Audrey Aparis, Tabbi Tomas, Chili Ramon
Cannes Hackathon pitch with my co-speaker, Miho Sugihara
Alice in Borderland Team
Alice in Borderland Team