(A COCA-COLA Christmas)

Everyone was wishing for the pandemic to be over, and Christmas was the perfect occasion to shed light at the end of the tunnel. The Philippines has also been known as the country to celebrate Christmas early. With this, Coca-Cola focused its efforts to bring back the true meaning of Christmas which is being present rather than giving presents. And by being present, it meant making every mealtime more special with the family complete with a Coca-Cola.
We recorded an original Christmas song with Pinoy Popstar Princess, Sarah G.
We also made an instruction video on how people can recycle their Coke bottles into Christmas parols.
And we ended the campaign with a touching documentary film about an overseas Filipino worker.
The Philippines’ number 1 export worldwide is its labor force commonly known as Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs with over 2 Million of them across the globe. Since the pandemic broke, over 200,000 OFWs were forced to go home without a promise of a job to return to overseas. Coca-Cola wanted to bring light to the plight of repatriated OFWs who have no means to support their families by increasing awareness about their OFW RISE program, a corporate program launched in 2016 to help returning OFWs with livelihood skills and entrepreneurship training so they may help more OFWs and reunite more families for good.



CCO: Louie SottoECD: Biboy RoyongACD: Soleil BadenhopArt Directors: Hiromi Dineros, Mawie Borja, Jayvee Dictado, Keithleen Dicon