Coke Studio Campaigns

for COCA-COLA Philippines

YEAR 2020: Coke Studio Peel Mo Panalo Promo
2020 was a challenging year for the soda category. With millions of Filipinos going jobless, soda was deemed non-essential. This affected the business of Coca-Cola, especially with aggressive campaigning from direct and indirect competitors who offered cheaper and healthier options. To remain the leading brand in the soda category, they needed to create a strategy that would market their product to consumers without selling it. Instead, they wanted to market behavior and experience of drinking Coke again. To do this, their objective was to latch on to Coke Studio to make soda consumption with Coke a behavior through music and fun prizes and to increase channel traction and subscription at the same time.
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YEAR 2021: Coke Studio PH Season 5- Itodo Mo, Beat Mo
In 2021, Coke Studio Philippines came back with an all-out season of music to give Filipino teens their much-needed break from the pandemic. But this time, the online OPM platform wasn't just a weekly show. Instead, it was a daily break habit every 4 PM enjoyed with a refreshing drink of Coca-Cola, rewarding prizes, and uplifting music hence the campaign’s signature call-to-action to DRINK-ENTER-SOUNDTRIP.
With the theme 'Itodo Mo, Beat Mo,' artists and influencers came together to help teens break from stress whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional. OPM artists, both seasoned and up-and-coming, whose stories and music that fans related with over the pandemic, performed and shared stories daily as teens take their Coke Break.
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We also made lyric videos for every original song.
Here are a few notable ones:



Coke Studio PH 'Peel Mo Panalo Promo'
ECD: Merlee Jayme, Louie SottoCD: Biba CabuquitCopywriter: Soleil BadenhopArt Directors: Karl Nylander, Mawie Borja
Coke Studio PH 'Itodo Mo, Beat Mo'
ECD: Louie Sotto, Biboy RoyongACD: Soleil BadenhopArt Directors: Mawie Borja, Hiromi Dineros, Jayvee Dictado, Keithleen Dicon
Accounts: Monica Cabaños, Gab Brückner