Over the years, Filipinos learned to live with a patriarchal façade while women are expected to stay within the home. Over time, women slowly broke glass ceilings in different areas of a society dominated by men. But they still have a long way to go. To push women forward during a time of misogynistic culture fueled by the country’s leaders, Coca-Cola wanted to remind every Filipino woman to turn insensitive remarks like “Kababae Mong Tao” (Unladylike biases) into empowering ones. They released a film on International Women’s Month showing Coca-Cola’s efforts in supporting Filipino women entrepreneurs in the entire country over the past decade. As they continue to support more women who were economically displaced due to the pandemic, they delivered a strong message within the film that’s very timely, inspiring, and solution-driven.



ECD: Merlee JaymeACD: Soleil BadenhopArt Director: Chary Chu